We've had some funny callers on the air with us on the morning show but this one may top all of them.

A woman named Janine from Eatontown called in to say how much enjoyed going to the Stress Factory comedy club in New Brunswick. Apparently according to her story, she REALLY enjoyed the club!

The story started out innocently enough. Janine mentioned how she met her boyfriend at the Stress Factory. How cute, right? Well, the story devolved from there. Apparently met her boyfriend at the club while she was still married! Wait, it gets better! Apparently, from what Janine says, the night she met her boyfriend, her husband was there with her!

How does that happen, right? According to Janine, her and her husband were there with a large group of people and they were sitting on opposite ends of the group's table. Sitting next to Janine at another table, was her soon-to-be new boyfriend. They got to talking, she helped clean up a spilled drink that landed on him and next thing you know, BOOM! They're now dating.

We definitely didn't see that story coming! Check out the full call in the clip above.

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