It's getting absurd out there.  A couple kids had their "Trump, Make America Great Again" shirts blocked out for the yearbook Wall Township High School.

Even the superintendent apologized and claimed that the administration did no know of or condone the actions. I had a chance to talk with the father of one of the students impacted by the edit.  Many are calling this censorship. Some are asking for the yearbooks to be reprinted.

I asked Joe Berardo, father of Grant Berardo, if the superintendents apology letter was enough.  He said it was not.  We also caught up with my colleague Jessica Nutt who spent the morning at the high school talking to parents in the drop off line.  The overwhelming reaction from pro and anti-Trump parents is that it was outrageous to censor a year book picture.   Whether you're on the left or on the right side of the political table,  it's critical that we have a conversation about issue without censoring or intimidating the other side.

Imagine if the issue were on the other side and a pic of President Obama or a Black Lives Matter slogan were blocked out?  The headlines would likely all be screaming "Racism at a Jersey HS!"  But apparently it's not a big deal to suppress the free speech of a pro-Trump student.

Some even have gone as far as defending the action on Twitter saying that since Trump was a racist it was OK.  I'm sick of it.  Sick of listening to reasonable people having a disagreement with someone and then having the words racist and bigot hurled at them.  Enough is enough.

More to come as this controversy develops.

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