So now there are three “experts” competing to most accurately predict the weather in the US. Long term forecasts are notoriously about as accurate as tarot card readers but some people swear by them.

The government releases a prediction every year that people swear by. (It’s the government, after all. When have they ever lied to us???) According to, these government meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have released their winter forecast for 2019-20 and so far they predict a warmer than normal season in New Jersey, with more precipitation than average. Whatever that means.

History has taught us that even during a “warmer than usual” winter in New Jersey, periods of cold and snowfall are still possible. But “warmer than usual” probably means little snow. At least that’s the way I read it. The patch article also quotes the “old farmers almanac”, another dubious source, and says that they call for a winter that is “wet and wild.” That description is a little strange, but neither of those adjectives connote snow.

Patch goes on to name Dubious source #3, the beloved and trusted “Farmer’s Alamanac” which many people live and die by for its many years of accurate predictions. (On the other hand, they’ve been very wrong very often, too.) Their forecast for New Jersey? “Frosty, wet, and white.” Talk about wishy washy!

So who knows?

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