Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J. 2nd District, immediately came out and endorsed Donald Trump as he announced his plans to run for president again Tuesday night.

He may be among a dwindling number of supporters for the former president. I know plenty of people who supported Trump in his two elections but now think it's time to move on.

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He stood for so many things so many of us believed in ... but his presence on the scene is toxic.

The acrimony his campaign and presidency caused outweighs the good he did and might want to do again. I never liked Trump's personality and was not a fan when he ran the first time, although I did vote for him because there wasn't much choice. Many of us liked the things he stood for and got accomplished but were always waiting for him to grow up. Stop being such an immature, antagonistic, egomaniacal narcissist and just do the job.

That never happened. He stood for so many things so many of us believed in and succeeded in both the domestic and foreign policy fronts like no president had done in a generation or more. But his presence on the scene is toxic.

There is such a thing as Trump derangement syndrome and it's serious. I've seen very intelligent people with generally good judgment absolutely lose their minds when discussing Trump. You could actually see a physical change in them. This affliction is as real as PTSD or any other emotional disorder that people get treated for.

There were some of us that could separate the buffoonish, crass behavior and look at the good things he got accomplished. Many people, especially here in New Jersey, could not.

For the good of the country he professes to love so much, he should graciously bow out before the primaries get started.



His decision to announce his candidacy so early may prove to be his undoing. I certainly hope so. If he can't manage to maturely and effectively articulate and convey his ideas and policies to people who may disagree with him, then we are in for an even more acrimonious climate for the next two years and possibly beyond.

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For the good of the country he professes to love so much, he should graciously bow out before the primaries get started. Those of us who tolerated the endless fighting and media circus because we thought he did a good job have reached a breaking point.

Yes, the media attacked him with lies and vitriol for his entire term, and yes, he was tough enough to take it and spit in their face.

And yes, they were proven wrong over and over again, but it didn't stop. The country has been through enough over the last few years and yes, we definitely need a change of direction desperately, but hopefully with someone other than Mr. Trump in the White House.

Just like Tom Brady who came back when he should have let his accomplishments speak for themselves, Trump is making the same fatal mistake. When his own daughter says she's staying out of this one, he should know it's time to turn the page.

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