With four kids in the house, and two of them 18 months old and 2 weeks old, it's been hard following March Madness. But I've watched what I can, and Sunday's games were amazing! With South Carolina making it into the Final Four for the first time in the school's history and North Carolina being a returning juggernaut, I have to say seeing them go head to head to win it all would be sweet.

Photo by Jeff Deminski / Townsquare Media

Apparently our newborn's genes include his mom's passion for college basketball. (She's also rooting for a S. Carolina/N. Carolina matchup by the way.) He fell asleep at one point over the weekend and we caught him in what must have been a March Madness dream. I think he was dreaming he was Sindarius Thornwell going for a 3-pointer with seconds left on the clock. Check out this crazy pic we caught!

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