New Jersey has a love for March Madness. They love to fill out brackets, watch the games and hope to make a little extra cash in an office or local bar pool.

This year, according to US News and World Report, national TV ratings for March Madness are up to 9.05 million homes, which is up slightly from last year.

Experts think that the number would be higher had it not been for two blowout games by Duke and Purdue. The good thing about March Madness is it is on TV networks that are available without a subscription. People are flocking to watch March Madness.

Photo by Jacob Rice on Unsplash
Photo by Jacob Rice on Unsplash

Here in New Jersey, we enjoy March Madness. According to a new study by Solitaire Bliss:

Forty-three percent of the respondents say that they would be filling out a bracket. You got to be in it to win it.

An incredible 67% of respondents to the survey say that they plan to watch the tournament.

New Jersey ranks fifth nationally with 33% of respondents saying that they have won money in their March Madness pool.

New Jersey ranks 20th in the country as the most March Madness-obsessed state. It could be recent postings of Farleigh Dickinson, Seton Hall, Princeton, Rutgers and Saint Peters, all underdogs, all had moments in the spotlight.

(AP Photo/Chris Szagola)
(AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

The fact that we enjoy the games is also evident with 51% of New Jerseyans still watching March Madness even though their favorite teams have been knocked out of the tournament.

Overall, nationally, Duke and UConn are the two top picks for most in this year’s March Madness.

Good luck with your brackets and keep on watching the excitement of March Madness.

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