😲 Inmates used a microwave oven to beat a fellow prisoner

🔺 The savage attack left the victim with permanent brain damage

📸 Beating was caught on video

Two Essex County Jail inmates have been convicted of attempted murder in the savage beating of a fellow inmate with a microwave oven.

The attack on Jayshawn Boyd, 22, occurred at the county jail in Newark in September, 2021, and caused traumatic brain injuries that has left him permanently impaired.

According to Acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens, as many as seven inmates jumped Boyd in a common area of the jail, "beating him unconscious by punching him in the face and stomping on his head."

It was then that inmates Byad Lockett and Darryl Watson "struck Boyd in the head multiple times with a microwave oven, a multi-gallon beverage dispenser and a broom," according to the prosecutor.

This image from Google maps shows the entrance to the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, NJ.
This image from Google maps shows the entrance to the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, NJ.

A third inmate involved in the attack, Isaad Jackson, was convicted of lesser charges.

Even as Boyd lay unconscious and bleeding, the attack continued with Jackson picking up a mop bucket full of water and throwing it at Boyd’s head and then hitting him in the head with a multi-gallon beverage dispenser.

Video surveillance captured the entire attack, which lasted approximately two-minutes.

Only one corrections officer was assigned to the common area at the time of the attack, and Stephens says he fled out of fear for his own safety. He called for assistance, and corrections officers were able to get control of the situation.

Officials have not revealed a motive for the attack, but Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor Edwab called it "utterly senseless."

"The victim was unconscious after sustaining serious head shots during the seven-on-one assault, " Edwad said, "Lockett, Watson, and Jackson then returned to the defenseless body of Boyd and struck him in the head multiple times with industrial-sized items."

Edwad added, "Hopefully this verdict brings some justice to the Boyd family."

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