NJ 101.5 Flashback: The Pascack Valley Regional High School District Monday was set to consider a rule change that would let transgender students use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their identities.

This post originally published in April of 2016. New Jersey 101.5 is republishing it because of new news on the subject of transgender students — the Trump administration has rescinded guidance by the Obama White House directing schools to let students use the bathrooms that match their gender identities, regardless of physical sex.  

Also from New Jersey 101.5:

Original story continues: It's 180 degrees from legislation in North Carolina, aimed at doing the exact opposite — a law that's seen corporations pull business from the state and Bruce Springsteen cancel a concert in the name of LGBT solidarity.

As New Jersey 101.5 news director Eric Scott took calls the morning of April 11, subbing in for usual morning host Bill Spadea, he heard a wide range of opinions on how to handle the rights of transgender students alongside others who may not be comfortable sharing intimate spaces with people whose sex and gender don't match — or people worried an open bathroom policy could be abused.

But when a woman called to say she doesn't agree with transgender identity as a concept? Well, that, Eric said, isn't on the table.

"I don't raise my children to think it's OK, and I don't think it's OK," caller Donna said. "It's not the way we were brought up. It makes me uncomfortable when I'm in their presence."

"Well then the problem, Donna, is you and your inherent bigotry," Scott told her. "The problem is not with the transgendered student. You are the problem in this issue."


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