A North Jersey restaurant is believed to be the first in the state to require proof of vaccination in order to enjoy indoor dining.

It's Greek to Me, located in Ridgewood, Bergen County, posted on Facebook: "Beginning Tuesday August 10, indoor dining will be reserved for those showing proof of vaccination.

The restaurant is part of a chain of individually owned locations. The Ridgewood restaurant is the only one with the vaccination policy.

The announcement drew immediate responses, most of them negative.

"Our medical history is no one's business" - Susan DeAngelis/Facebook


"BOYCOTT!! Never heard of your restaurant before this and will never ever come there. Segregation is absolutely disgusting!!" - Laura Ro/Facebook

There were some patrons who did support the move.

 "Thank you! Keeping your staff and your customers safe while providing alternatives for those who are unable to or choose not to vaccinate is a beautiful and loving thing. I hope more restaurants follow your example. I will be there to support you." - Debbi Pollinger Dolce/Facebook


Owner Paul Vagianos says everyone wanting to enjoy indoor dining must show either a vaccination card, or a photo of one. No exceptions. That means children under the age of 12 are completely banned from the dinning room, since no vaccine has been approved for kids 12 and under. Vagianos says a portion of outside dining will be reserved for families with young children.

Vagianos told NJ.com he was following his gut instinct, and this was a matter of safety for his staff and his customers, “This delta variant has proven to be so highly contagious, and so dangerous, that I don’t want to expose myself, my staff, my customers and especially the seniors, to the dangers associated with this.”

Less than a week ago, New York City announced restaurant goers would need to show proof of vaccination to eat inside at any NYC restaurant.

A Hoboken City Councilman is also proposing incentives to local bars who deny entry to the unvaccinated.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this article should have said that only the Ridgewood restaurant had the vaccination policy.

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