On Tuesday I wrote a story about a new packaging concept introduced by a company in the UK to meet the demands of potential millennial customers who want to cook, but have an issue with touching raw meat.

My wife Jodi initially sent me the article about the new product wrapping idea and expected that I would react to how ridiculous it sounds that nearly 4 out of 10 millennials are essentially afraid of raw meat. Of course, I found my biggest issue was actually with the outbursts from some of the "save the planet" social media trolls who immediately pounced on the company about how bad plastic is to the planet. Give me a break.

As you know, I love meat, so I'm always interested in food related stories. But I also love plastic and am on a mission to break through the propaganda wall that has a generation of people afraid for the future because of one of the greatest creations of our capitalist economy! Best part about plastic? It lasts potentially forever! Yes, that's in the plus column. Although a couple callers today didn't quite agree with my position and they let their objections be heard. Of course, I let 'em vent!

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