It's gotta stop. The endless spending and borrowing from Trenton. What do we have to show for it? New taxes, higher cost of living and increased regulation?

This year, the corrupt pols in Trenton have worded the ballot question to convince you that the money they want to borrow will go to what I think is a good cause, supporting vocational and trade school education. Yup, sounds good, BUT YOU CAN'T TRUST TRENTON POLITICIANS.

First of all, there is no guarantee that the new borrowing will be dedicated to the cause that they're using to sell you.

Second, it's more important that Trenton re-prioritize their spending before they come to us for more money. How much money is wasted on special interests and corruption in Trenton? Bet I could find enough money in the current budget to fund this idea.

Third reason to vote NO on Question 1 is there is no criteria to have students receiving the taxpayer benefits to stay and work in NJ.

When you look at all the reasons people are leaving this state, really only one reason: it's no longer affordable for working and middle class families, a lack of vocational training isn't on the list. Paying for trade school training is a great idea. But tie it to someone working and paying taxes in NJ. AND use the money you're already collecting from the most over-taxed people in America.

We already have more than $220 BILLION in debt. Debt service is closing in on about one-third of our budget. It's an understatement that we can't afford Question 1.

Please, on behalf of working and middle class taxpayers struggling to stay in the Garden State, Vote NO on ballot Question 1 this coming Tuesday.

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