Sometimes it's an honorary cop who steps up to remind us how precious life is and how important the police are to our community.

Our #BlueFriday honoree today is a shared recognition with two heroes in Paterson. Delaney Kurdyia is an 8 year old girl battling the lingering effects of the treatment she endured for Neuroblastoma, a cancer she beat a few years ago. Police Director Jerry Speziale, who is a hero who has protected our community for many years, made Delaney an honorary Chief for the day.

Speziale was joined by two Paterson Police Officers, Eddy Pichardo and Irsi Velez who got the ball rolling to recognize this brave young girl.

For me, this is just another example of how hero cops understand their role in the community as beyond just taking down the bad guys. They also spend their time lifting up the good guys and in this case, a little girl.

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