EDISON — A cop who was charged with slashing his ex-girlfriend's tires is now facing more serious charges.

Paul Pappas has now been charged with computer theft and stalking after investigators say he made unauthorized inquiries into the New Jersey Criminal Justice Information System in order to stalk his ex-girlfriend. The inquiries by Pappas started in August of last year, and continued through last month.

Pappas was charged last month with slashing his ex's tires after driving to her New Brunswick home in an unmarked police car.

Pappas was also involved in a domestic dispute in 2007 when his wife at the time called police to say she was afraid he would attack her. Pappas was on duty at the time of the incident.

According to state pension records, Pappas has served with the department for 14 and a half years with a base salary of $130,240. He is suspended without pay pending criminal proceedings, according to Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey.

Carey asks anyone with information about the situation to call Sgt. Theodore Hamer of the Edison Police Department at 732-248-7400 or Detective Nicholas Chiorello of the prosecutor's office at 732-745-3848.

New Jersey 101.5 did not know as of Tuesday evening whether Pappas was represented by an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

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