If they ever made a "Wrestler" type movie about a Jersey rocker, I think it could star Eddie Testa. While Bruce Springsteen became "airborne" as he says after Growin' Up, Eddie been here keeping Jersey rockin' and honest to our rock n roll roots from as far back as his Eddie and the Cruiser days. In fact, when Bruce takes his Mom out, it's the Eddie Testa Band that they dance to. He also makes the best damn rock n roll chicken and ribs in the Garden State!.

So when I heard Eddie perform his song "Natural Thing," I had to get him down here to perform it, just like we did with "All Lives Matter" and "Angel."  What's great about "Natural Thing" is the way it embodies the Jersey music scene. If you can't make it to the club, just put on Eddie Testa and he will bring the club to you!

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