If you're a little sluggish back at work following Independence Day, you're certainly not alone. But there is some nice weather to brighten your day, even if it won't last the rest of the week.

Wednesday's early clouds will give way to sun in the afternoon, with highs in the lower to mid-80s over much of New Jersey and cooler temperatures, mid- to upper 70s, at the Jersey Shore and in the far northwest corner of the Garden State. Clouds come back in overnight, with lows dipping down into the mid- to upper 60s.

Those clouds preview a day of showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, with highs still approaching 80 everywhere but the shore, which will again be cooler. Rain sticks around on Friday, but only scattered storms, with a range of highs in the lower to mid-80s.

Right now the weekend, as we say, looks OK: mostly sunny for both Saturday and Sunday, highs again in the lower to mid-80s. Dan will have much more detail for you as those two days draw nearer.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is on vacation and returns Thursday, July 6. Patrick Lavery produces "New Jersey's First News" and is New Jersey 101.5's morning drive breaking news reporter.

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