If you’re like me and have lived in New Jersey for a long time, you’ve seen so many of the dreaded traffic circles disappear over the years.

It’s not that circles, rotaries, roundabouts, or whatever you call them are so bad. In fact, they can really come in pretty handy when it comes to navigating a huge intersection with a zillion choices of where to go—as long as drivers know how they work. And therein lies the rub. New Jerseyans simply can’t — or won’t — get the circles right.

Because of this and because of the huge increase in traffic over the years, NJ roads have lost most of their roundabouts.

So why would Morristown, a tangled mess of off ramps and on ramps and awkward jug handles and U-Turns in the weirdest places, decide to construct a new traffic circle?
Maybe they ran out of ideas to funnel all the traffic there into these weird turns and so figured that a traffic circle might help.

But drone footage of the new circle on Instagram makes it look like it’s not working perfectly.

You can see people on the inside lane crossing over the right lane to make an exit. You could also see people stopping right in the middle of the circle which is absolutely the most annoying thing you can do.

People don’t seem hopeful after watching the video. Some comments on the Instagram post are, “Saw almost two crashes in 10 seconds today”, “The dumbest idea!!! Accidents and traffic backups will soon follow”, And, ominously, “Let’s see how rush hour traffic goes.”

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