On Tuesday, I spent some time with listeners and our social media followers on Facebook LIVE as we do every week. Several thousand people joined me this Tuesday for a 15-minute conversation about affordability and illegal aliens.

Although the politicians will tell you drivers licenses for illegal aliens is all about road safety, there is no doubt that the very likely unintended consequence of fraudulent voting is actually quite intended. I simply don't trust the pols in Trenton. The Governor and the Senate President are only looking out for their own power interests. And they will compromise your safety and your financial stability in order to get what they want.

Think about the recent crimes alleged to be committed by illegal aliens, including the brutal murder of a California police officer. Officer Ronil Singh posed for a Christmas night picture with his wife, dog and five month old son only to be gunned down at a traffic stop five hours later.

No one should be surprised that the Governor and Senate President are pushing for more rights to illegals than our own citizens, after all it was Governor Murphy who famously said that he "has their backs" when pressed by a columnist during the campaign over the execution style murder of students in Newark at the hands of at least one person here illegally.

The New Jersey Governor has the backs of criminal aliens and he expects you to just deal with it. Accept drivers licenses for illegals. Accept that you will be paying for their legal bills as they fight the legitimate deportation orders of the federal government. Accept that his Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has directed NJ law enforcement to stand down and not cooperate with Federal Immigration Enforcement. Going so far as to prevent them from even sharing a computer.

The Governor is out-of-control and the fake opposition pushed by Steve Sweeney, who clearly is bitter that he got pushed out of the way in 2017 for the super-rich Murphy, is not helping. Where is the practical leadership in the legislature to help get the trains run on time? Fix the potholes? Alleviate the regulatory and tax burden damaging families and businesses? Lower taxes?

New Jerseyans deserve a Governor who understands the economics of tax cuts and the potential boon to our local economy.

New Jerseyans deserve a Governor who leads and makes tough decisions and owns up to his mistakes instead of blaming low level staffers, and worse, acting as if he had no idea of the dangerous allegations spreading through his campaign. Governor Murphy either lied about knowing of the Katie Brennan allegations or he is really that incompetent and out-of-touch that he really didn't know. Both scenarios are bad for all of us.

New Jersey deserves a Governor who will stand up for those who don't have a voice, but not punish those struggling to stay in the middle class in order to score points with a radical base.

More to come next Tuesday on Facebook LIVE. Stay tuned...#DigginIn

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