It's a good show.

Although I admit I haven't really watched it. Sounds more like a video game if you ask me. But talking to friends and family and seeing a few episodes, it's a pretty good show. Politics, sex, violence, zombies, religion, power, what doesn't this show have? Even a little humor with the witty comments from Jersey actor Peter Dinklage.

So you're hooked. That said, are you really gonna wait until HBO tells you it's time to sit down in front of the TV? Don't do it. Stand strong against the tyranny of scheduled television. You have a DVR, right? You have the ability to get HBO-GO, right? Watch TV on your time, not theirs.

Stand up to Big TV and assert your rights for on-demand viewing. I will not be watching at 9pm Sunday night. Actually, I may wait until all the episodes are out and then watch when I come up for air after this busy event season. Or not.

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