So you’re sitting at home, minding your social distancing and quietly going crazy. Break up the monotony by going outside and looking up!

The April Supermoon will be visible, clouds permitting, from 7:10 pm tonight until 7:10 am on Wednesday. According to the Patch, it is called the “pink” moon not because of its hue, but because its appearance coincides with the emergence of pink flowers. It should be at its peak around 12:21 am Wednesday morning.

There’s another super moon coming up in May, but April’s will be closer to the Earth. Super moons occur when the moon is closest to the earth and since this one is the closest one to Earth, says it should be the biggest and brightest of the four super moons of 2020, once again, clouds permitting.

According to, the first full moon of Spring (which this is) helps determine the date of Easter. If you miss this sight, there are meteor showers later this month: the Lyrid showers will be at their peak on April 21st.

Happy stargazing!

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