Some things go together. Others send social media into a ghastly tailspin. This is one of them.

Raina Huang is an influencer (and god do I hate that word) and has over 330,000 followers on Instagram, over 3 million on TikTok and has her own YouTube channel. Based out of Los Angeles she’s known for doing competitive food challenges. Has she ever gone up against Joey Chestnut? Sorry, that’s the only other competitive eater I know by name.

Well, she’s made people gag coast to coast with an obnoxious McDonald’s hack we all hope doesn’t give McD’s any menu ideas. She took a Big Mac, a Filet-o-Fish and a McChicken sandwich and combined all three meats into a massive thing she calls an "air land and sea burger."

@rainaiscrazy #mcdonaldshacks have you ever tried this? land air and sea burger #rainaiscrazy #food #mcdonalds ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul


First of all, it's just too much. Second of all, you're going to confuse your taste buds into a civil war. Third and most important, social media reaction has not been good.

A steady stream of comments.

“Raina, I love you, but this is the first time I’ve gagged at one of your videos.”

"These ‘hacks’ are a total disaster."

“No thanks; I’ll pass 😲"

Raina Huang's travels have taken her to many different states but I'm not sure if she's been to New Jersey. If so, did she just rip this idea off from the original fat burgers sold at Rutgers?

Some believe McDonald’s itself is behind this as a way to sell three sandwiches at once by getting people to try the DIY burger hack. Just don’t get any ideas corporate giant. It won’t be well received here.

Unless you throw in some pork roll?


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