This country was founded on religious freedom. Any religion. Not just Christianity. You can practice your faith here unencumbered by the government. You can also choose to not practice any.

Now, in the workplace it gets a bit trickier. Take for example the recent case of a woman who was engaged but not yet married and reported her pregnancy to the Catholic School where she worked. She was promptly fired. Victoria Cristello is now suing St. Theresa School, which says her pregnancy "violated the Church's ethical standards."

Then there are companies like Chic-Fil-A so religious that they close every Sunday and were embroiled in controversy when CEO Dan Cathy openly bashed same-sex marriage.

But what if you're just a company that isn't trying to proselytize? What if you're just running a business to feed your own family and give others job opportunities to take care of their own? Is it okay for an employee to hijack your business to spread their religious beliefs?

I ordered something that arrived in the mail this week. Inside the package a worker had slapped an unevenly cut sticker to the inside of the box containing words from Psalm 55:22. You'll see it in the photo I provided. I am not saying what the product was or the company involved because this goes to my very point. A worker used his position to preach. The sticker has no business being there. I've dealt with this company for quite awhile and this has never happened before. In other words, this is not a religious based company whose policy it is to spread the gospel. This is clearly some lone worker in a shipping receiving department who decided they need to spread their religion to paying customers. Utterly obnoxious.

No, I'm not calling the company. No, I'm not going to try to get anyone in trouble for this. I'm not even particularly offended. The point is others could be. An atheist who received this package might take great offense. Or someone of another faith. Or imagine it the other way around. A Christian opens this package to find a worker placed something from the Quran inside. How is this in any way appropriate in the workplace? A person should be fired for using their job to spread their religion.

But I'm not making any phone calls. I'm holier than that.

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