Don Rickles may be gone, but I hope his style of comedy never goes away.

Rickles was as far as politically correct as you can be but he showed us that we can both make fun of each other's ethnicity, nationality and quirkiness yet still love each other since we were all sharing this world together. No matter how much he insulted people during his act, he always ended with that message.

I was lucky enough last year to have Rickles daughter Mindy on my show last year and having read her father's book and seen several biographies as only a true fan would, I was totally prepared to ask her about his life.

She talked about how much making people happy meant to her father even to his dying day. We touched on the relationship between the Rickles and the Bob Newharts and how much time they spent together. We joked about how they could actually be the "Odd Couple."

We also talked about why her father never stopped working and never stopped caring about what people thought of his act. Just like he had no problem insulting anyone no matter who you are, it meant so much to him that you laughed no matter who you are.

I know that there will never be another Don Rickles, yet I hope his brand of honest, "say what you gotta say" comedy never goes away no matter how politically correct we become. I can't wait to find out how many "hockey pucks" there are in heaven.

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