Whenever I ask "Should marijuana be legalized in New Jersey?" the phones ring a resounding YES! I even asked once if someone ran for governor using marijuana legalization as their platform would they win? Again YES! So Phil Murphy does it and becomes governor of New Jersey. He's making good on his promise but while that's happening, more and more towns in New Jersey, the latest being Toms River, are legislating around growing it or selling in in their towns. To this I say the three most interrogative letters in this great Garden State... WTF?

We've come a long way since "Reefer Madness," people. Marijuana is being bought and used by all levels of society. It's a shame that many of those levels who would normally never be caught dead doing anything illegal in a million years would put themselves at risk for this.

Marijuana means money just like it has in every other state where it's been legalized. As for whatever downside, we're already living with that since marijuana has already been here forever. People have the same choice of using it as they do other legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and even sugar if you want to go there. The difference now is that the state can make money from the taxes and local businesses can make money from the people who are coming to buy weed.

In all my years of covering and talking about the things that go on in New Jersey, never once have I mentioned anything done by out of control stoners. They say marijuana is a "gateway drug" but they can't offer definite proof. To me, marijuana is the gateway to the greatest music ever made, so pull up an edible, put your favorite album on and let's bring New Jersey into 2018.

What do you think?

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