My nice, new car was looking...well, not so good.  So, I finally treated my mobile office to a "makeover."

I had been thinking about hitting the car wash since before the Christmas holiday, but just kept putting it off, figuring that we'd be socked with snow, slush and ice.  Afterall, we've suffered through some pretty nasty stuff this time of year, for the past 2 years running. Finally, I could put it off no more!

As of now, I no longer park anywhere near the station building. Or under any trees!  The fact is, my car is just one big bullseye to the avian world. Lately, I live in "flyover country!"  Need I go further? No...I didn't think so.

So now that my ride is clean and shiny...I live in fear of birds, and "mother nature."  More than ever, I'm afraid that the rain, the snow and ice must be just around the corner!  On the other hand, Friday afternoon, I heard Jeff Deminski predict no snow storms this season!  Really? You had better be right, Jeff...I'm counting on you! So is my car!

Just in case, I'm off to check out Alan Kasper's 5 Day Forecast, here at

I probably should have done that first.

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