New Jersey’s the garden state and that’s why we will have some of the most gorgeous gardens blooming soon in a neighborhood near you. While we all like to see and smell the color and aroma of magnificent flowers, if you’re a gardener, there are some plants that absolutely need to be avoided at all costs. According to, some of these plants have their roots in Asia and are extremely invasive. One, for example, the Japanese Barberry is not only relentlessly invasive, but according to research may also help to spread Lyme disease.

Planting this or any invasive plant here can be at huge economic peril. Many have cost billions of dollars in control and damages all over the country. Invasive plants have damaged over 100,000,000 acres in the United States… that’s about the size of the state of California.

For extensive information about how to identify and eradicate the invasive plants in our state, you can contact the New Jersey invasive species strike team and (NJISSTT). They have a very extensive do not plant list. As a reference here are some of the plants that, as beautiful as they are, are considered dangerously invasive. You should not buy or plant them here in New Jersey

  • Wisteria sinensis (Chinese Wisteria)
  • Wisteria floribunda (Japanese Wisteria)
  • Clematis ternifolia (Japanese clematis)
  • Hedera helix (English Ivy)
  • Lonicera japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle)
  • Amphelopsis brevipedunculata (Porcelainberry)
  • Acer platanoides (Norway maple)
  • Pyrus calleryana (Callery/Bradford pear)
  • Euonymus alatus (Winged Burning Bush)
  • Euonymus fortunei (Wintercreeper)
  • Berberis thunbergii (Japanese Barberry)
  • Buddleia spp (Butterfly Bush)
  • Viburnum dilatatum (Linden Viburnum)
  • Spiraea japonica (Japanese Meadowsweet)
  • Miscanthus sinensis (Chinese Silvergrass)

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