Yeah I know I know. Innocent till proven guilty. But in the case of Craig Lassiter  the 33-year-old accused of breaking into a Wantage home, threatening two kids under the age of 12 by saying that he had a gun, and then sexually assaulting them in their bedroom — I’m worried.

There are just too many charges involved in this crime as well as too many sordid details that seem to implicate him: the fact that he allegedly eluded police when they tried to stop him in his car, the allegation that he then abandoned the car, not to mention the children’s assertions that he threatened them with a gun before he allegedly raped them.

Although details of how he was found and arrested four days later aren’t available, it seems as if they have a pretty good case against him. And it’s a pretty good bet that this is too scary of a guy to let go.

All these “allegedliess” notwithstanding, at a detention hearing Tuesday, a judge is to decide if he should be let out of jail until his trial. I realize he’s not been proven guilty YET. But can we keep this guy away from us and our children till we’re SURE?

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