🚨The woman pretended to be on the phone talking to a relative

🚨 Dispatchers are trained to handle this type of call

🚨 Police were able to locate the car as she approached the GWB

A woman secretly kept police on the phone for two hours Wednesday as they tried to locate her during a kidnapping.

Edison police chief Thomas Bryan told New Jersey 101.5 the woman called 911 around 3:30 p.m. as her boyfriend drove them through the township. Despite the call dropping 20 times, the woman was able to keep up the pretense she was talking to a relative.

A dispatcher kept her on the phone to locate her while notifying other departments to keep a lookout for the car as it traveled north.

Port Authority police spotted the vehicle around 5:40 p.m. as it approached the lower level of the George Washington Bridge from Routes 80 and 95. The vehicle was stopped and the woman and a child were able to get out.

Dispatchers trained to handle these type of calls

Driber Chukwuebu D Emegoakor, 39, was arrested and charged with kidnapping, criminal restraint, terroristic threats, endangering a person and false imprisonment. He was being held at the Bergen County Jail.

Bryan said that township dispatchers are trained to handle this type of call in case it ever happens.

"Our people are trained to do that stuff. They're great. Then they update their training. It's mandated training for them. So we're very proud of her, this one in particular," Bryan said.

Bryan would not disclose the identity of the dispatcher but said she has many years on the job.

The New Jersey Domestic Violence Hotline provides confidential access to domestic violence information and services, including crisis intervention, referral, and advocacy at 1-800-572-SAFE (7233) Bilingual and accessible to the deaf and hearing impaired.

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