Always a strong conversation with our listeners during our Facebook LIVEs that take place at 10am on Tuesday! Still too many people Diggin' Out instead of #DigginIn and staying in NJ with me.

One reason is the sheer incompetence of NJ government and the distracted, so-called leader who seemingly has no idea how to be an effective manager of state government. You know him as Governor Murphy.

One additional topic that came up is the potential for New Jersey to allow citizens with no criminal background to volunteer as deputies to exercise their right to carry a firearm to protect currently unprotected soft targets throughout the state.

Any former military member with a clean record and a few hours of safety training taught by local police departments should be issued a carry permit. Period. It's time for us to grow up and realize that until we are able to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment.

I realize that many want an outright carry permit law, which I understand, but realistically we have to start somewhere in New Jersey.

We had some technical difficulties with our Facebook LIVE this week, but we'll be back next week!

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