I don't know where Andrew Dice Clay comes in on the list of great comedians but I do know there aren't many who have sold out Madison Square Garden on consecutive nights. Dice was the first and he'll be playing the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park this Sunday night.

Dice called the show and as a fellow heart patient, we spoke of his surgery. He had a stent put in back in November.

"I went through a lot but I'm all good because the minute I was told I can start exercising again, it's all I've been doing. So I'm feeling pretty good. You go through that, it messes with your mind more than anything else. So I started going up these giant mountains in LA... I'm now in the gym 5 times a week. I've really been gearing up to do this tour, so I'm excited about it," he explained.

We also talked about the cancellation of "Dice" on Showtime as well as "Vinyl" which I thought was a great show.

"What happened was that (Vinyl), the chemistry between me and Bobby Cannavale was what he needed on the show. The energy of the two of us, and Martin Scorsese he just, he didn't even want to really kill me off. We could've shot a bunch of scenes. It's also how it was written, it was already written. It was an incredible experience to be able to play that insane and to work with these great actors and directors," Dice said.

Along with being a very funny comedian, Dice also always had acting chops.

He said, "It's just something I like doing. People in the industry that watch me, even like yourself, you know about my comedy career, but certain directors, certain producers, they just watch you and then all of a sudden you get that call. When Woody Allen called for me, at the time I thought my manager was kidding... He goes, 'I'm not kidding, he's got a film for you.'"

He appeared in "MASH", and "Crime Story" back in the 80's as well as the CBS sitcom "Bless This House" with Kathy Moriarity. How much of his "Dice" character is an act?

"That's something I can't really explain. I just try to, when I'm on stage, mirror sort of what's going on in society a little. I've always studied human behavior when it comes to relationships and the attitudes of men, the attitudes of women, where it goes through all the years. I talk about now more of the aggressiveness of how women are. You got all this 'me too' stuff out there on the other side of it."

How has political correctness in today's age affected his comedy?

"A day in age where you turn on CNN and all these women are coming on saying, 'me too me too.' But looks at these girl comics that are calling themselves whores. They actually on their own sites they call themselves whores and I'm going, 'you want respect in this world, you gotta respect yourself if you want men to respect you.' Now they cut their t-shirts down the side so you get a complete view of their anatomy, so why would you think you're going to get respect from men. That's where I get my material, just by watching all of this," he shared.

For more info on Dice and the summer schedule of events go to apboardwalk@aol.com.

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