I support the police. We need the police in every one of our communities in New Jersey.

However, when there's an incident of abuse by police it needs to be dealt with and investigated thoroughly, regardless of the person's race or ethnicity.

Over this past weekend, a Wildwood officer was caught on video punching a man on the street after being questioned.

The man appears to be caucasian. Little attention is paid to it. The cop is still on duty pending an investigation. With little media attention, nothing much ever will be heard about this again.

If he were a member of a minority group, much more media scrutiny would be placed on the case and more might be done. Example: Very few people mentioned this CNN.com story from five years ago in Atlantic City. The surveillance video was released only after the parents sued the city, according to CNN.com. The video is almost too disturbing to watch.

Also, very little or no national attention was paid to this story posted on policestateusa.com, about a teenage girl who was shot and killed by police in Kentucky, not long before the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri, which started the Black Live Matter movement.

This story was shocking and almost no one knows about it. The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing.

It's not a matter of who the police are targeting. It's a matter of police training and officers' temperament for the job.

It's a difficult job to say the least in many areas. Still, law enforcement must be held to a high standard in ALL cases of possible abuse, not just when special interest groups and the media put extra attention on a particular story.

We need police and we need police to be held accountable. In the Atlantic City story, no further information was available on any disciplinary action against the officers involved.

Most people only see the stories that are hyped by media and an impression is formed based on what we are exposed to. I fully support the police and the tough job the men and women of law enforcement every day.

But just know there are many more stories out there that don't get the exposure, because it doesn't fit a narrative that stirs up the emotions and there are no groups putting on pressure for justice.

Every good officer reading this, and there are many, would agree and insist on it.

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