If you like to cook or have a passion for cooking, you know that gas is really the only way to go.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a gas stove and range for the past 18 years. Prior to that, I had been using electric for about 10 years and could tell the difference, having grown up in a household with a gas stove and oven.

My daughter recently moved in with me. Cooking in our kitchen, she couldn't believe how much better it is with gas. There’s just nothing like it.

Unfortunately, environmental zealots are on a quest to further their mission in making life less convenient and more expensive for New Jersey residents and businesses.

You may have heard about the proposal to eliminate gas stoves around the country.

Efforts are under way in many states, including New Jersey, to make that happen sooner rather than later. Their goal is to be decarbonized by 2050 but things are already in the works to change how you live in the very near future.

By going around the New Jersey Legislature, they're hoping to get things done through the regulatory process, thereby cutting YOU — the voters and your representatives — out of the picture. Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP), which is a consultant for the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, is trying to push this through the regulatory process rather than the Legislature, which is YOUR voice in how the government operates

The number of people who cook with gas in New Jersey is around 69%. These new regulations will prohibit you from replacing your gas stove with a new one if you decide to redo your kitchen. More importantly, it would also affect restaurants and commercial kitchens from updating their gas stoves.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to sign the petition to save gas stoves in NJ

Cooking with gas is more efficient and less expensive than electric stoves and ranges. This would increase costs for everyone dramatically, all in the name of climate fanaticism. The effect on the environment would be negligible at best, and where do they think the electricity is coming from? Many power plants still use coal and/or natural gas to generate electricity.

Many New Jerseyans prefer cooking with gas AND electric stoves will not work during blackouts. Any health impacts of gas stoves can be easily mitigated with proper ventilation.

This is sneaky, underhanded behavior by the administrative state and, of course, all in the name of saving the planet. Jeff Tittel, a longtime environmental activist, is a proponent of building decarbonization and the idea of doing it through the Uniform Construction Code. “It is a way to get around the opposition to get us to where we want to go. It’s an important step,'’ he said.

It's another step on the road to total government control of what we do in our private lives. This is not something decades away. These efforts to control how we build, cook and live are happening now.

There's a new petition that has started to stop this from happening to all of us. You can sign the petition without your name being displayed online if you so choose. I have signed the petition and I think it's smart for all of us who live, work and eat in New Jersey to do it too.

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