Today's the day. My daughter Elizabeth heads back to London. Hopefully we'll make a trip to see her between now and the end of the school year but if not, we'll see her in July.

She did take the opportunity to discuss the fact that she's inherited my 'OCD' tendencies where we have difficulties leaving the house without worrying about whether or not the stove is off or the door is locked. And she offered a great suggestion from my son Michael on how to deal with it!

There was also a brief conversation about the roasted duck that I packed in her suitcase after Christmas, watch her tell the story here:

All that aside, it was the end of my conversation with her and our on-air goodbye that raised a couple questions from my friend and New Jersey 101.5 colleague, Dennis Malloy. He insists that there is no way I've got Italian roots based on our relatively emotionless and 'matter-of-fact' goodbye. I've gotta admit that E and I do have a practical, no-nonsense way of went something like this:

OK Dad, headed to the airport.

OK E, see ya in July.

That was enough for Dennis to bet me $100 and cover the cost of the DNA test to prove it! We'll see...

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