Earlier this week Governor Christie came out and called Texas congressmen and senators hypocrites for expecting other legislators to vote for aid for their state when they voted against it for New Jersey.

FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few brave, fiscally responsible members of congress, some from Texas and at least one from New Jersey voted against the "Sandy aid package". Why, you may ask? Because it was loaded with pork for other projects in other states that had nothing to do with the storm relief that it was intended for here in New Jersey.

Some of us knew that at the time, because we read past the headline and the emotional sound bites. AND more importantly, Chris Christie knows that, but he continues to pick fights, because he hopes it will make him look like he really cares.

He really only cares about Chris Christie, period.

He's proven that over and over in the last few years and even more so in the last few months. Shame on him for his "virtue signaling" by saying, "even though those Texans voted against the aid for Sandy, I'll urge our representatives to give them what they need down there."

I guess for a guy with a 15% approval rating, it's easier to shoot for the bottom than try and make it past 50%. I try not to put too much faith in modern day politicians, but this guys has disappointed more of his constituents than the Mets, Phillies, Jets, and Eagles combined.

Hey Chris, use that on you sports talk show! Oh that's right, they didn't think you were good enough. Sorry!

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