I've said for weeks now I can't in good conscience vote for either major party candidate for the highest office in the land. People on both sides have asked me why. America seems to love a good list. So between today and tomorrow I'm giving you my top ten reasons. Today is Trump.

I can't vote for Trump because...

1. The Khan family immigrated to the United States and their son served and died for our country. Trump has attacked the family, attacked the still grieving mother for remaining silent, doubted Mr. Khan's words were even his own, and even claimed he's made plenty of 'sacrifices' himself because he's built buildings and created jobs. Here's a guy who compares his own success to other people's greatest loss and calls them both 'sacrifices'.

2. He attacked another veteran, U.S. Senator John McCain, saying he wasn't a war hero, that he liked "people who weren't captured." (If you know the story of John McCain's time as a POW, this alone should make you never vote for Trump)

3. In a classic moment of buffoonery during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Trump said to mark his words Russia will not invade the Ukraine. When Stephanopoulos pointed out they already had, the wind from his nonsensical back-pedaling reached all the way to the Kremlin.

4. First he claimed Hillary Clinton was rigging the upcoming debate schedule (and by the way lied that the NFL had sent a letter complaining about the debate schedule when they said they did no such thing), now he's claiming she's somehow rigging the entire election. Paranoid, stupid, and deflects blame for failure at all costs even in advance.

5. Openly mimicked and mocked a New York Times reporter's disability then sadly pretended he didn't. A man like this has zero business being president.

6. He claims he'll bring jobs back to America while his own products are made in China and Mexico.

7. He claims a great businessman is what America needs but his long list of failed businesses include Trump Airline, Trump Steaks, GoTrump.com, Trump Vodka, and Trump Mortgage just to name a few. Then there's the most disgraceful of all: Trump University, a complete con and the subject of a federal lawsuit.

8. His own running mate Mike Pence said name calling has no place in public life when President Obama correctly referred to Trump as a demagogue. Meanwhile Trump has name-called his entire way through the election process and most of his life; women are pigs, dogs, and sluts, Carly Fiorina "look at that face," Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Lyin' Ted — the list goes on, and so does this candidate's hypocrisy.

9. Trump has hurt many small business owners right here in NJ by not paying his bills, then outlasting them with court delays.

10. Mark Etess. Mark Etess was an executive at Trump's Taj Mahal in the late 80s. He and two other Trump execs, Stephen Hyde and Jonathan Benanav, were killed in a Trump chopper crash on the Garden State Parkway in October of 1989. At the time of their deaths, Trump spoke glowingly of them and how much of a blow to his organization their loss would be because they were so good at their jobs and so valuable to the company. Later, in the middle of one of Trump's many bankruptcy filings, Trump did an about face and blamed the dead men for his financial woes, citing their mismanagement and lack of competence. I worked in Atlantic City in my radio career and used to speak with Mark Etess on the phone weekly as the casino would promote various events. He was a good man who never deserved to be disparaged in death by a hypocritical prick like Donald Trump.

Tomorrow: My top 10 reasons for not voting for Hillary Clinton.

-Jeff Deminski

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