Every holiday meal we had growing up had a lasagna or homemade ravioli. My mom's lasagna was the best. The only thing I've done to change it, not improve it God forbid, is to add meat. She made hers with just cheese and sauce.

In Italy they make theirs with bechamel sauce and a variety of other ingredients, depending on the province or region. Here in the states and especially New Jersey, we've come to expect ricotta cheese in our lasagna. It easier to buy a container of ricotta than it is to make your own bechamel.

You could use a jar of Alfredo sauce mixed in with tomato sauce if you wanted that bechamel texture. I go with the ricotta and an easy to make ragu,(meat sauce) and plenty of melty Italian cheeses. The prep time is about 40 minutes and it takes an hour to bake, but it's worth the effort every time.

How to make Dennis' lasagna

It's also not a bad idea to refrigerate and reheat for easier handling. Buon Appetito!

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