We might be at the end of the fresh vegetable season in New Jersey, but that shouldn't stop you from cooking with great fresh veggies from your supermarket. If you haven't tried 'zoodles' yet, and you want to cut back on carbs, you've gotta try this dish.

It's one of my own creations and it's delicious and low calorie. If you are a pure vegetarian or vegan, there is a variation that will work for you too. You can use a boneless, skinless chicken breast or try one of these plant-based chicken substitute fillets that will fool just about anybody.

The brand name one the one I used in this recipe is called "Quorn." You can choose those or the real thing. Either way, it's an easy-to-prepare dish that is restaurant quality and only takes about 20 minutes to put together. You can find spiraled zucchini or 'zoodles' in many produce isles of major supermarkets or do what I do and make your own with a simple kitchen tool. Here are the easy steps.

Dennis' delicious 'zoodle' recipe

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