Thanks to lines like "Last summer was the summer from hell, is the this going to be the summer of purgatory?" @Politconj has apparently taken to referring to our governor as Governor Phil "Dad Joke" Murphy.

If in fact, Murphy is looking for "Dad Jokes," we've got them right here. My best "Dad Joke" is a true story of when my parents were making their bed and my father asked "Where's my pillow?" to which my mother replied sarcastically "It's in my back pocket!" Dad replied without missing a beat "Oh I thought all that was you!"

We laughed!... and then she beat the hell out of me ;)

Here are some more...

Andrew Satkowski: "What did Michael Jackson call his denim store? ... Billie Jeans"

John Kensil: "How come they don’t let prisoners half chocolate bars? They don’t want them to break out"

John Skinski: "What do you call a deer with no eyes? No eye deer!"

Tina Marie (a very funny comedian): "Once when I was turning Sweet 16 a blonde rich girl came to school braggin' about her Mercedes Benz that her daddy just bought her. I came home crying to my mom about it and asked her where my car was and she just said, 'I didn't sleep with her father, I slept with yours.' I stop crying. 'Well, it's not to late to sleep with hers, my birthday is next week.'"

Danny Pavone: "What do you call a cow with no legs? ... Ground beef!"

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