There's no doubt that working in the customer service industry, whether it be at a brick-and-mortar store or in a call center, can be endlessly frustrating. Customers can be a demanding bunch, with some making unreasonable demands that any company would have a hard time satisfying.

But sometimes it's the customer service workers that are the problem.

In this segment, we share some of our most frustrating customer service experiences. From the retail cashier that checks a customer out while talking to her mother on speakerphone, to the worker that complains about his job in front of patrons — our list is long. And it gets even longer when we discuss our top call center annoyances. Please, can someone explain why it's so hard to reach a human?

CCW Digital published a piece in 2015 on its website that listed over a half-dozen customer experiences that most patrons of brick-and-mortar establishments find annoying. Did yours make the list?

And for those of you that dread making that call to a customer support center, an article by Matt Davis will probably have you shaking your head in agreement with what he says are the top 10 annoyances of calling into customer support.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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