TRENTON -- It's not a new problem, but it has worsened in recent months: Crows that have migrated to New Jersey's capital city are leaving behind something from their ... behinds.

NBC New York reported that city officials have consulted with the Environmental Protection Agency, and wildlife experts, on how to not only clean up massive amounts of crow droppings that have rained down on downtown Trenton, but also how to expel the birds in a humane fashion.

The city plans to use pyrotechnics to scare the noisy crows away, the report said, and workers have been going door-to-door to inform residents of the impending start of the cleanup process.

No piece of property has been immune; according to the report, streets, sidewalks, lawns, trees, road signs, and cars have all been inundated with feces.

The mayor's office told NBC that it's unclear why the crows have been flocking to the city.

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