IMAGINE: Lawn Tractors..."speeding" through normally quiet residential streets...

Water balloons flying...from both the race "track," and from the sidelines!

Such a courteous neighborhood! (Craig Allen photo).

Spectators cheering on their favorite racer...

No racers finish...dry. (Craig Allen photo).

...or SOAKING them!

Tractor racing is FUN for ALL ages! (Craig Allen photo).

THIS is the social event of the year in my neighborhood!

Pre-race fun in the pool! (Craig Allen photo).
The story behind the race... (Craig Allen photo archives).

Its ONE month away...30 days from today...and I'm getting EXCITED!

Accepting the Race Trophy a few years ago! (Craig Allen photo archives).

After years of finishing near the back of the pack, I WON the race, and the coveted trophy...was it REALLY?!! OMG!! 6 years ago. It seems like yesterday!!

Neck-in-neck... (Craig Allen photo).

A year after the BIG WIN, as you can see above, it was close...not for first...but for last!

My nephew Ethan, and niece Emily, have had a great time racing with me...

Ethan & Emily...ready for all the fun of the 2013 race! (Craig Allen photo).

...a few years back.

The 2016 flier... (Craig Allen photo archives).

As in previous years, the 2017 pre-race party will start at around 2:00....

Thumbs up! Ready to RACE! (Craig Allen photo archives).

The race is (scheduled for) 5:30...start your engines...and let the water balloons fly!

The race is ON! (Craig Allen photo archives).

What will the 2017 Race bring?

If a racer thinks he or she will stay dry...think again! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Who knows...I have no plan to win...once is good! Really!

"Fighting" for position, going into a turn... (Craig Allen photo archives).

I'm just looking for some lawn tractor-based fun...and that is GUARANTEED!

"Look hands!" (Craig Allen photo archives).

I'll have 2017 race pictures and results...

Rob "wins" the "coveted" trophy last year! (Craig Allen photo).

...Memorial Day, here at!

Group picture after the 2015 race! (Craig Allen photo archives).

It'll be here before we know it...still...I can't wait!!