Foreigner's own Lou Gramm and Mick Jones penned this massive of Jersey's Favorite Hits!

It's well known for its guitar riffs...and its lyrics.

The guys intended "Hot Blooded" to refer to a guy's passion...his raging libido.

In the song, the singer's blood is "103"...burning hot...and while in real life that would be the song, the guy feels a hookup with the girl he has been eyeing from the stage is...just what the doctor would order!

"Hot Blooded" would be Foreigner's 4th Top-40 chart hit at the time...

...rising to #3 in the summer of 1978.

In a 2009 internet-based interview, Mick Jones explained that Foreigner's songs are about relationships and emotions, adding that: "I've never gone into any political or message-type songs, as far as I know."

"Hot Blooded" is on New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).
"Hot Blooded" is on New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).

Not only does "Hot Blooded" still raise temperatures through radio airplay (like on New Jersey 101.5, above), but it has been featured in several movies and TV shows over the years, including: "Blades Of Glory," "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "Bones," "WKRP In Cincinnati," and the "Simpsons." Keep your eyes and ears...peeled!

Did you know...

...the guitar riff was "sampled" in Tone Loc's 1988 smash hit "Funky Cold Medina"


This is why I call my music blogs...."Fun Facts!"

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