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Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Hold The Line” by Toto
"Hold The Line" was the first hit for "Toto," a band that formed in Van Nuys, California in 1977.
If the song had been written today, in the time of cell phones, it might have had a different title...as you will soon see!
David Paich (keyboards) and Jeff Porcaro (dr…
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Come Sail Away” by Styx
Its Rock 'N' Roll with a biblical message...and its not from the "Jesus Christ Superstar" soundtrack.
Styx formed in the Chicago suburbs in 1972. Well...kind of. It had a history before that.
In the mid 1960's, twin brothers Chuck Panozzo (bass guitar) and John Panozzo…
5 Hit Movie Songs on a Music In Film Weekend
All weekend, New Jersey 101.5 is putting the spotlight on music from the movies!
And, it just wouldn't be right not to shine the first spotlight on one of Jersey's own!
Frankie Valli "Grease"  (#1/1978) from the movie "Grease"
Frankie Valli was born Fr…

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