My father is progressing in his quest to pedal west to east across Canada, and then home to New Jersey!

His latest odyssey started when his flight touched down in Vancouver on the morning of June 26th. To catch up, click here to read my July 13th update!

Literally, as soon as I talked about his trip during the 7pm hour of my music show last Sunday night on New Jersey 101.5, my iPhone alerted me to a new e-mail. It was from my father. This latest article on his progress starts with that message, as he is "still pedaling!"

He had mentioned that he might have to change his route in a previous update. That is now the case: "Why?  Because of 7-9 inches of rain in Saskatchewan.  Small dams broke/big dams broke washouts and my highway closed.  I will now follow Transcanada 1.

(Saturday) July 12.  Many grain elevators are showing.  Imagination?  They remind me of old sailing ships and waves of green or (w)ater.  This is in the morning haze.

Before reaching Chaplin (Saskatchewan) there was a big lake.  Hmmmm I wonder if they were mfg salt or lime.  There were piles of it!

Jul 13.  Slept in Chaplin along route 1. Stopped at Morlach for a breakfsast at noon.  Home cooking. 2 Eggs/ 2 sl of toast, marmalade, potatoes and ham, and a 2d coffee.  Ate outside at the small diner under an umbrella and talked with the sister owners before they got busy, as church let out. Delicious."

At the time of the Sunday evening update, my father was "stopped now in Moose Jaw.

So far today by 4pm, have biked 82 Km.  Have tail wind and cross wind which both help and hinder.
Tomorrow  (Monday July 14) I will maybe meet the 2 pretty girls, or they may catch uup with me after that 3 day wedding.
On my way to Regina."
The latest e-mail arrived on Tuesday. Its not always easy for him to get an e-mail sent, either due to timing issues, or internet availability. Again, pardon his typos...
"Since changing route, I have had nothing but clear skies. 2 days of strong head and angle wind,  Help yes and no . The last 4-5 days I have biked 100K + or _ each day.
Biking weather and road conditions are really good and it is 2:30 pm (Tuesday).
I should hit Manitoba tonight or tomorrow."
Here are a few more stories from along the way!
"Sitaluta  is the name of a town where I stayed over night. Town is (named) from Canadian aboriginal tribe. It means Running  Fox With a Silver Tail.  I have (a photo) of an artistic rendition of an early 1900s building.  The couple befriending me has bought several buildings in town and hopes to upgrade the buildings and create some excitement in town.  There are only 126 inhabitants remaining in town, which once had 40 grain elevators, 2 elementary, a high schoo,l and a thriving economy.  It appears over the years the council did not really know how to run a town, and let it slip away.  The couple is very enthusiastic and skilled at repairs, while having great dreams.  They let me stay in a trailer so I would not have to face the mosquitoes.
(A) pig story.  While I was having breakfast in Grenfell, several fellows were having a coffee clatch.  What's Mr. doing now?  He is repairing an old house. It used to be a pig farm, so there are likely to be many rats there.  I was past there a couple of times recently and he is temporarily raising pigs to help cover his expenses.  Remember the last heavy rain?  I was past there and the pigs really looked clean and neat.
My earlier mention of the mustard fields and crop duster.  They are not mustard fields of brtilliant yellow.  They are canola fields, and according to a farmer, they were a Cinderella crop and in high demand.  Said they are a big money crop for the province of Sask....."
Ever the teacher, my father reminds his grandson: "Ethan ..The town of Regina was named after a British Queen who visited there around the turn of the 1900's."
He closes out his latest email from the road: "I've blown a lot of time. I got to get rolling."
So, at this point, he is pedaling across Manitoba...on his way back to New Jersey.
And, we're with my father, pedaling in spirit, here at
He thanks you for your kind words and encouragement!


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