Thursday morning, I got up early, and drove my father to Newark Liberty Airport.

With any luck, "third time is the charm" for Dad!

Two years ago, he flew out to Vancouver, and started biking back to New Jersey. After being rained on just about every day of his trip east, he gave up once he got to Calgary.

Last year, he started in New Jersey, and had a flat tire before he left the Garden State.

He started pedaling on the hottest day of the summer for New Jersey...but once he got into Canada, again, he was cold, wet and miserable, getting rained on just about every day. Once again, he "soldiered" on for about two weeks.

Pausing by the "Sudbury Bypass" last summer. (Craig Allen Family Archives).

He always takes pictures along his way, and writes up his experiences.

The Lake Superior shoreline, during last summer's trip. (Craig Allen Family Archives).

And, after last year, he wrote his "obituary" when it comes to cross-country biking. Short trips, day trips, sure....cross country, no more.

In California, prepping for his first coast-to-coast bike trip, 1983. (Craig Allen Family Archives).

Over the past 30 years, my father has crossed the continental United States several times, starting from both the east and west coast.

1997 Crazy Horse
Biking past the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota, in 1997. (Craig Allen Family Archives).

He has also biked from New Jersey to Alaska, and from Alaska to New Jersey!

1998 Holland
"Tiptoe Thru The Tulips" in Holland, 1998. (Craig Allen Family Archives).

Plus, he has toured England and Holland, among other European countries, by bicycle!

When it comes to biking, Dad is a PRO, in my book!

I even joined him once....

Craig_Ohio Bike
Your author in Ohio...on the way to Wisconsin, a few years ago...and a few years before bike helmets... (Craig Allen Family Archives).

...biking from New Jersey to Wisconsin, to start my senior year in college...but that was quite a few years ago...and a story for another weekend.

As you have may concluded by now, over the last year, it has bothered my Dad that he had to "quit" his Canadian bike odyssey/dream...due to mother nature. Twice.

Tenting along Lake Superior, last July. (Craig Allen Family Archives).

As I type, he is somewhere in western British Columbia...biking by day...sleeping at night in his tent under the stars.

I'll keep you updated, on weekends, as the e-mails start to roll in.

As his father (my grandfather) used to say to me: "I'm holding my thumbs for you."

Just his way of saying "good luck." safely...enjoy the Canadian countryside (and small towns and cities) up close and personal...and meet wonderful, helpful, interesting people along the way!

I'm proud of you!

And, "I'm holding my thumbs for you"...

Leaving...headed to Canada, East to West...last summer. (Craig Allen photo).

I'm hoping that I won't be headed back to Newark Liberty......

Rather, I'll see you pedaling across the driveway "Finish Line" in a few weeks...with a BIG smile on your face!

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