Today, I want to to share some "Lost 80's" songs from my music library....forgotten songs by artists that you love here on New Jersey 101.5!

In 1984, you could buy and album for $ the GROCERY STORE! (Craig Allen photo).

Genesis -- "Illegal Alien" (1984)

"The Gathering Wall" and the "Anon." The bands merged, calling themselves the "New Anon." Eventually, they changed their name to Genesis, and started recording under that name in 1967.  Phil Collins joined the band as a drummer in 1970.  With the departure of Peter Gabriel (who would have his own solo career  in the 1980's), Phil Collins became the lead singer of Genesis in 1975...starting the "pop" era for this rock band!
 "Illegal Alien" was the fourth single off the "Genesis" album.
It went to #44 on the Hot 100 in 1984.
From a 2017 point of view, it's kind of hard to believe that the topic of illegal immigration would be/could be depicted in a light (even humorous) manner!
In the video, the frustrations are they happen...with band members, by the end, singing the chorus: "It's no fun being an illegal alien."
Times have changed...
Radio-Only Promotional Single (Craig Allen photo).
Rolling Stones -- "Harlem Shuffle" (1986)
"Harlem Shuffle" from the Rolling Stones is a "cover version" of a song written and recorded by the duo "Bob And Earl" in 1963.
The Rolling Stones version appeared on their 1986 album "Dirty Work."
Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood had been working up some potential songs songs in Paris, while waiting for Mick Jagger to return from working on his solo album. Jagger liked the vibe on "Shuffle" and recorded his vocals very quickly.
"Harlem Shuffle" would hit #5 on the Hot 100 chart in 1986...and would be the first "cover" song to be released as a (lead) single by the Rolling Stones since 1965!
A few of the "shufflers." (Craig Allen photo)
As you look at a portion of the cover art (above)...does...the style...
"Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence....You Eediot!" (Craig Allen photo).
...look familiar?
The video animation was directed by (future) "Ren & Stimpy Show" creator John Kricfalusi!
Obviously, in 1986, this groundbreaking cult favorite was a few years in the future.
Radio-Only Promo Vinyl from my collection! (Craig Allen photo).

Cars -- "You Are The Girl" (1987)

"You Are The Girl" would be the "Cars" last Top-40 hit. It would park at #17 in 1987.
"Door To Door" would be the last album involving all the original band members.
Its the end of the road for the original Cars... (Craig Allen photo
1987 would mark the return of the Cars, after a 3-year hiatus.
During that break, the guys had worked on solo projects (click HERE for more of the Cars history, from an earlier profile).
Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr share vocals on "You Are The Girl."
"Since I Held You" (1978) was the only other single where the two had shared vocals.
It is interesting to note that Ocasek had cracked the Top-40 in 1986, with his solo hit "Emotion In Motion." Orr had scored a solo hit with "Stay The Night" earlier in 1987.
The (original) band...disbanded about a year after the release of "You Are The Girl."
Paul is the "soundtrack" of our lives! (Craig Allen photo).
Paul McCartney -- "No More Lonely Nights" (1984
You know the Paul McCartney story.
"Give My Regards To Broad Street" was both a movie, and an accompanying soundtrack album.
The soundtrack was released in late 1984, and features reinterpretations of classic Beatles and McCartney hits!
Basically...the mid-80's meets (and reimagines) the 1960's and 1970's!
"No More Lonely Nights" is one of the (few) original songs on the soundtrack...
I'll bet that you've forgotten all about this song...let alone that it was this big a hit!
Two more "Fun Facts": the guitar work on this hit single is from none other than David Gilmour of "Pink Floyd!"
The "Give My Regards To Broad Street" music output was so "Immense" that specifically edited versions of the songs became the only way to squeeze all the songs on a vinyl album!
The cassette version...and later compact disc release...would feature all the songs in their full length.
This radio-only promo single is...unopened! (Craig Allen photo).
Daryl Hall & John Oates -- "Missed Opportunity" (1988)
Daryl Hall and John Oates have sold an estimated 40 million records since first placing a song on the Top-40 charts in the mid 1970s!
With 6 #1 hits...34 songs on the "Hot 100" chart...7 Platinum and 6 Gold records..."Billboard Magazine" has named them the most successful DUO of the Rock Era.
Unfortunately, even with all that hit power...not all of a band's music catches the public's fancy...
It struggled to get to #29 on the Hot 100 chart in the summer of 1988.
Part of the duo's 13th studio album, "Ooh Yeah!"...
Yeah! (Craig Allen photo).
...which sold fewer copies and charted lower than albums from earlier in the decade...this song suffered.
I play it off of this radio-promo CD. Guess where it go it! (Craig Allen photo).
 I still enjoy it...its "classic" 1980's Hall and Oates!
Give it another listen!
Hall & Oates were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2014.
"Ooh Yeah!"...and on September 2nd of last year, the guys got their start on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
I can go for that. Can do!