Congressman Leonard Lance helped usher in a constitutional amendment that forces state borrowing to get voter approval. Now, his legislation is in the spotlight as it is the reason for all the debate surrounding ballot question No, 2.

The congressman joined us to to share his thoughts about ballot question No. 2 and how it pertains to his legislation, which he worked on back in 2008.

"Various administrations have borrowed without voter approval. Although our constitution, I thought, was clear on it, the Supreme Court of NJ circumvented the constitutional provision because there were various state agencies that did the borrowing, not the state treasury itself. And I thought that was a circumvention, and so I tightened it up by a constitutional amendment that said that any state borrowing without voter approval, be it by the state treasury or a authority, had to go to the people first," Lance stated.

The Lance Amendment was later passed in every municipality in the state.

As far as this year's ballot question, I've been pushing #VoteNoOnTwo. At first glance, the congressman thought it was a good idea to vote yes on this ballot question,. Upon further inspection, Lance said, that he decided that ballot question No. 2 was not a good idea for NJ residents.

"Equally important is the fact that this would authorize borrowing to the tune of $12 billion and, that is not contained in the interpretive statement, and therefore I do not think this should be passed," Lance said.

Lance believes that the voters have a right to know exactly how much is being borrowed and it should all be laid out in black and white, easy to understand.

Listen to the full interview in the YouTube clip above.

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