MOUNT OLIVE — In the first few months of President Donald Trump's administration, Republican lawmakers across the country have been implored by their constituents to meet with the public — and Wednesday night, Rep. Leonard Lance did.

Six weeks after holding a pair of town hall events in Branchburg, The Republican serving New Jersey's seventh district staged another public forum, this one in front of a combative crowd at Mount Olive High School.

The auditorium was not filled to capacity, but some of those who did attend tried their best to rile Lance, who remained calm and on message, the Daily Record reported.

"Work together," one woman urged the congressman. "When people work together, if everybody doesn't get exactly what they want, then there's a win."

"I do agree with that," Lance said simultaneously with the woman's comments. "I agree with that. I agree with that. I agree with that."

The exchange continued, with the woman telling Lance and the GOP to "compromise" with regard to replacing the Affordable Care Act.

"I agree with that, and I hope the Democrats will come to the table," Lance said.

"I hope the Republicans will come to the table," she responded.

Lance supported the failed Republican health care plan in committee, but voted against the final bill last month.

The congressman also floated an idea that drew boos from the crowd — splitting Planned Parenthood into two organizations, "one organization that deals in the services regarding women’s health and another organization that performs the abortion procedure,"  the Huffington Post reported. He said were Planned Parenthood to close, other medical facilities could step in.

“In the district that I serve, there’s a Planned Parenthood facility, and there are several federally qualified health care facilities. Some deal with a whole panoply of service, and some are dental facilities but ..." Lance said, and was then interrupted by one member of the crowd:

“If I’m pregnant, I don’t need a dental plan."

The Daily Record reported a heightened municipal and Morris County law enforcement presence at the high school, but no violent incidents.

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