The Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno joined me on the air this morning to talk about the upcoming elections and ballot question #2.

The Lt. Gov is also the Secretary of State and as such, supervises the board of elections. The Lt. Gov is going through the final preparations, ensuring that the the polls are secure, transparent and accurate. Part of her job is also reminding people to get out their and vote.

While there have been a lot of questions across the country about the sanctity of the voting process. Kim assured us that NJ is ready to go and is extremely secure. "we don't have those problems in New Jersey," Guadagno proudly stated.

Kim also checked in with me about our push to get NJ voters to #VoteNoOnTwo, for ballot question 2. Guadagno said that she has been getting a lot of calls on the issue and that many were cleared up by Congressman Leonard Lance's call in earlier this morning. Guadagno said that the key for voters on ballot question two is the fact the question is misleading. Nowhere in the question or the explanation does it say that the state can borrow up to $12 billion and something like that needs to be clearly stated. "Everybody look at that ballot question and ask yourselves where's the number $12 billion, and if it's not there vote no," Guadagno said.

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