One of the staples of renting a bungalow on the Jersey Shore, is the old "Footprints" poem often seen hanging on a wall somewhere.

The original poem is about a man who dreamed of walking along the beach with the Lord and noticed the changing sets of footprints along the way. It's a beautiful poem that can be bought in many shore novelty shops.

Now thanks to this past weekend, you can get the updated new Jersey version of 'Footprints." The new version, which appeared in meme-form all over social media recently, is based on the recent NJ state government shutdown, which resulted in the closing of several state parks and beaches, including Island Beach State Park. Gov. Chris Christie has a shore home there and despite the beach being closed, he was still photographed sunbathing with his guests.

This is becoming a memory you'll want to preserve for years to come.

See a video of the recent sand sculpture someone created of Gov. Christie lounging on the closed beach:

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