New Jersey’s acting Education commissioner, Chris Cerf testifies before the Assembly Budget Committee today. He’s defending Governor Chris Christie’s school funding proposal for the next fiscal year beginning July 1. At least one Democrat on the panel is not impressed with Cerf’s math.

“The Budget the Governor proposed is the single most generous budget that has ever been proposed,” claims Cerf. “Our proposal for your consideration is $7.825 billion.”

Cerf that budget plan increases school aid by over $1 billion. Assembly Budget Committee member John Burzichelli isn’t buying that.

“The Governor claims his proposed budget increasing school aid by $1.12 billion, but this is merely spin,” insists Burzichelli. “Direct aid to districts is nearly $112 million less compared to before Governor Christie took office. None of the indirect aid touted by the governor goes into the classroom to benefit children. It does not hire one teacher, provide one textbook nor buy one computer.”